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In 2011 Wilson Services LLC began as a single member entity with a passion for serving families in Indiana.  Our team grew as we developed professional relationships with other individuals and agencies who shared our desire to help children, adults, and families.  Our agency continues to serve our community by providing community-based and home-based mental health and social services to families who live in Indiana.  Therapists and case managers who work for Wilson Services LLC are committed to assisting families with preventing and/or recovering from crisis, neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, addictions, and lack of needed resources.  We do this through the delivery of family focused and trauma informed care.  Our agency will continue to help improve the quality of life for families in Indiana who are in need.  The State of Indiana has also approved our agency as a certified Veteran Owned Business.



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Family and referral source satisfaction


Overall program effectiveness

Our Mission


Wilson Services LLC was established in 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are committed to identifying and providing community based mental health and social services to improve the quality of life for those who are in need. Our agency understands that needs are different for each family and are often times a reflection of trauma, lack of education, lack of resources, and an inability to adjust to unexpected circumstances. Wilson Services LLC is committed to helping individuals and families address their unique circumstances through the use of compassion and evidenced based practices to meet the needs of diverse communities.

Our Vision


Currently, our team of staff provides home-based and community based mental health and social services to an average of 372 families per month.  We are slowly increasing our team of therapists and case managers so that we can extend our reach to help an average of 500 families per month in Indiana.  


Dr. Wilson, I enjoy working with the staff from your agency because they advocate well and are always supportive of the families who they are referred to help.

Damon Ellison - Child Advocates

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