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Wilson Services LLC was established in 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are committed to identifying and providing community based mental health and social services to improve the quality of life for those who are in need. Our agency understands that needs are different for each family and are often times a reflection of trauma, lack of education, lack of resources, and an inability to adjust to unexpected circumstances. Wilson Services LLC is committed to helping individuals and families address their unique circumstances through the use of compassion and evidenced based practices to meet the needs of diverse communities.


* Individual Therapy

* Family Therapy

* Behavior Management

* Case Management

* Fathers Engagement

* Supervised Visitation

* Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

* Crisis Intervention

Our Clients

We currently serve an average of 375 clients per month.  Our clients consist of children, adults, and families who have been referred to us from the following agencies: Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS), Juvenile Probation, Choices, and State of Indiana.


317-552-2680 office

317-552-2681 fax

5138 W. Pike Plaza Rd.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46254


Servicing the following Indiana counties:







Dr. James Wilson, PsyD


Our executive director (Owner) is responsible for the overall operations and resources of our agency. That includes making major corporate decisions and acting as the main point of communication.

Dr. Ina Wilson, DNP, APRN-BC

Owner / Executive Director

Our clinical director/case manager supervisors provides supervision, staffings, and shadowing of our team of licensed therapists and case managers.  This includes training and treatment planning.

Candace Curry, MSW, LSW

Case Manager Supervisor / Therapist

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